Barbara Hague
Land Escapes

Barbara Hague


Barbara has had a keen interest in art all her life starting with a wonderful program in elementary school that influenced her decision to major in art education at the University of Alberta. Much of her formal art training came at this time and was further augmented throughout the years with university and community art courses.

Barbara’s career in education further developed her passion for the arts and through learning how to instruct and encourage children in this aspect of education she recognized her own need to follow the creative process. With retirement came the time and space to focus on her own love of painting.

TAs a resident on Gabriola Island, one of the Gulf islands off the coast of British Columbia, Barbara is constantly stimulated by the beauty of her surroundings using her camera to record images for inspirations in her paintings.

At present she works in both watercolour and acrylic mediums exploring scenes from nature in realistic and impressionistic styles. Her works may include collage and can border on the abstract. Her style continues to evolve.

Barbara is both a member of the Gabriola Palette People and the Group of Several. Through the camaraderie and the support of these like-minded painters she continues to follow her passion.